## BIP #6 - Backing B.Protocol-Immunefi Bug Bounty Program

BIP #6 - Backing B.Protocol-Immunefi Bug Bounty Program

Many users in DeFi consider the security of the protocols they are using as the leading measurement for their involvement. Last month, Immunefi launched a new Bounty Program for B.Protocol, with up to 50k BPRO bounties.

This proposal suggests that the DAO will dedicate a special vault with 50k BPRO to be used by the multisig if and only if payouts are needed to be made to bug hunters of the Immunefi program.

Result if passed - Transfer 50,000 BPRO to a dedicated account for Immunefi payouts if needed.

*For the full discussion over this proposal please check this thread -

Thanks for all your hard work putting these BIP’s together @EitanK, I support this proposal, safety of the protocol is paramount.

This is a great piece written by a legendary whizz-kid samczsun and the importance in finding a potential vulnerability before any exploitation can take place.

$USD 350 Million was secured just by poking around in Github …

BIP #6 passed the DAO vote -

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I was just making some order in the discussion threads made by the community…