Community Call #1, #2, #3 - Summary

As an intro I’ll just say that I think the community calls are great, and should get more attention in this forum as well. I’ve summarized the topics of the first three community calls below.

I hope future community calls can get a thread on this forum with just some simple info link date, link and short agenda. This also leaves a clear place for community members or projects to request a timeslot if they have something to bring.

Community call #3, 8th of September 2021

  • v2 integrations updates
    • Overall update, presenting status on Maker, bZx, Rari, Alpaca and Perp
  • UMA presentation (KPI options)
    • Presentation of the general use case
    • Presentation of the KPI options being used for the upcoming proposal
  • Visor presentation (Uni v3 liquidity mining)
    • Presentation of the general use case
    • Discussion of what parameters are available and how it works
  • BPRO allocation proposal
    • Presentation of upcoming round of proposals

Community call #2, 28th of July 2021

  • v2 Liquity introduction
  • v2 Liquity Pickle demonstration
  • EPNS presentation
  • Community mining phase 2 proposal

Community call #1, 24th of June 2021

  • B.Protocol v2 presentation
  • Growth squad proposal
  • Liquidity mining phase 2 discussion
  • Q&A from community

Thanks for taking the time to write up the summaries @Ondkloss.

Are the community calls recorded and if so, would it be a good idea to put them on the BProtocol Youtube channel, so that members can watch at their leisure?

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Thanks. I intentionally left it out, since recording was not announced.
If someone wants me to take it down, write or DM. They are uploaded by me and unlisted.

#3: B.Protocol Community Call #3 - YouTube
#2: B.Protocol Community Call #2 - YouTube
#1: B.Protocol Community Call #1 - YouTube