Community Call #4 - Wed, Sep. 29th 11am EST/ 3pm UTC/ 11pm SGT

Quote of announcement (with link added)

Join our 4th Community Call - this Wed., September 29th 11am EST/ 3pm UTC/ 11pm SGT

The call will take place on our Discord Voice Channel: B.Protocol

This time we are having another 2 special guests:

  1. MakerDAO’s Growth Core Unit, who will present their take on the B.Protocol Integrations (the existing v1 and the coming v2) and some updates from what’s cooking with Maker.

  2. Hats Finance - who have just proposed a revised and updated proposal to the DAO regarding their new BPRO Vault.

We will have time for Q&A as usual.

Join us and bring a friend!

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The call consisted of:


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Thanks @Ondkloss (and @a7om) for keeping these records and summaries of the Community Calls.