Community Call #5 - Wed, Nov. 3rd 3pm UTC

Announcement and agenda:

Our special guests this time will be

  • Seb, head of Growth and Community at Instadapp who will share some alpha on what’s next with Instadapp (now that B.Protocol is integrated there as well…)
  • Zemm, leading team member at Coordinape ( who will present how B.Protocol (like other DAOs) can use Coordinape’s Gift Circles to reward contributing members of the DAO.

And of course we will have time for Q&A and general discussions.

Join us and bring a friend :beers:

Sorry for the post-mortem announcement. Recording will follow shortly.

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Recording: B.Protocol Community Call #5 - YouTube

Chronological topics:

  • “What’s going on” with Yaron
  • Coordinape demo with Zemm
  • Instadapp demo with Seb
  • Growth and updates with Eitan
  • Brief Q&A