Community Call #6 - Wed, Dec. 1st 3pm UTC

Announcement and agenda:

Tune in to hear more about our latest integration with Hundred Finance on Arbitrum.
As always we will host special guests:

  • vfat from Hundred Finance
  • Nina & Hunter from Offchain Labs (the builders of Arbitrum)

We will leave time for Q&A, as well as some general updates.

Sorry for the post-mortem announcement.

Recording: B.Protocol Community Call #6 - YouTube
One audio participant seems to have their audio missing on the recording.

Chronological topics:

  • presentation by vfat
  • Arbitrum presentation by Nina and Hunter
  • Proposal and growth summary by Eitan
    • Proposals didn’t meet quorum, how to improve?
    • Growth last month collaboration with CRE8R DAO
  • Open Q&A
    • Possibilities of BPRO on L2