Community Development Effort: Mobile Support

I’d like to work through the language and determine the scope of the development needed for adding mobile support to B.Protocol. Prior to the genesis vote, I created a fork of the B.Protocol react client and hosted it here:

Github branch, where you can compare changes: GitHub - jnssn/react-client at development

I’ve got my latest update deployed there now and you can preview what B.Protocol would look like on your device. I am considering a few proposals, depending on the level of interest and support:

  1. A simple proposal for a one-time reward in governance share for community development effort of the mobile site (200 BPRO?).
  2. A slightly larger proposal that covers more improvements and involves rewarding a team of developers and testers (2000 BPRO?).
  3. A full UI overhaul with a prioritized feature list and governance share rewards for designers, developers, testers and other contributors (20000 BPRO?).

Regardless of the outcome of this proposal, I will likely continue to develop my own branch of the main client until an official mobile client is created. Please note it is currently configured to deploy automatically after a commit to my development branch, so it could occasionally break. I’ll look at setting up separate dev and main deployment sites, if necessary.


I think your potential proposal makes sense and I definitely support it, maybe it’s just the wrong timing. I see as a priority the attraction of more users (accounts) and thus a larger base of liquidators, and the current barrier is the high cost of the ETH network. A lot of users have switched and are switching to Layer2 solutions and I think the focus should be on that.

I’d like to translate. Is there a demand?

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Mobile support is important. I would be behind a 1 time payment of 200 BPRO with a possible 1000 more if there are a bunch of community feature requests in the coming days/weeks for UI improvements. I think more than that is incorrect allocation of funds right now IMHO. Great work either way on the progress thus far.

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Random feature ideas (will keep adding here as I think of them):

  • BPRO/ETH price near accumulated BPRO awards
  • Phone notification if vault is close to liquidation, you keep a tab open on it and it will ping you :slight_smile:
  • Advanced user/protocol stats section?

Just in case the community wants to fund @jnssn for any of these

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yeah, it would probably be best to start with the mobile support and then take it step by step from there.

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I’m planning on trying to merge my mobile changes with the new Maker tabs-based UI elements, then I’ll submit a new pull request. Possibly by the end of the week.

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I’ve merged my changes with the official client’s development branch and deployed my updates to my fleek site for testing:

Pull request here:

Feel free to test it out and provide feedback on how it works on your device.