Community Development Efforts

I’d like to start the discussion around community development efforts. Personally, I would be interested in helping to improve aspects of the UI like basic mobile support. Prior to the genesis vote, I submitted a pull request for the react client repo on github and stood up an instance at that allowed any user to interact with the the B.Protocol contracts on mobile, including the new Compound integration. My branch broke post-genesis, but I’m considering getting it up and running again.

I created my pull request so that I would have mobile support and the ability to manage my position from my phone, but I think it would be cool to have contributions like this be rewarded with governance share in the future. How do we, as a community, determine what features are worthy of what share?

I think it makes sense for Smart Future Labs to remain the repo owner and decide what features are ultimately merged, but I would love to see more community contributions and I’m excited to see what comes out of the upcoming Open DeFi Hackathon.


in terms of medium to longer-term plans, a platform like Colony ( would be very useful for managing a community fund, and overall member contributions as part of the DAO. Colony uses a system of “lazy consensus” to make it more efficient for spending decisions etc. And they have a clever dispute resolution and reputation system too.

In the shorter term, funding proposals to the DAO could be made via this forum.

By way of example, one of the better-organised forums I’ve seen is Pocket Network’s - How to Submit Proposals - Governance - Pocket Network Forum - they split proposals into technical, economic and ecosystem (ie funding proposals)