Community representatives to monitor the liquidity mining distribution

Per the community Genesis decision, 250k BPRO will be distributed to users in the next 3 months.
As decided, the score and bpro calculation will be done off-chain to save gas, and will be submitted as a merkle root by the backstop multisig.

This process is expected to be carried on weekly, and thus in every time, at most 1 week rewards will be at the hand of the backstop.

However, to introduce more transperancy, it would be favorable to have community representative(s) approving the weekly snapshot (can be on-chain or off-chain).

This could also the lead the way a community based multisig, as suggested by @amplice, which could handle the reservoir tokens (subject to the DAO approval).


Out of curiosity, does the core team think LPs should be incentivized?

On the one hand, the token is separate from revenues (revenues are distributed by score) - earnest governance participants would have no reason to sell their tokens and thus a market isn’t really needed.

On the other hand, the reality of the situation is tokens are a form of ‘marketing’ for any crypto project - if the token is doing well with decent liquidity, this will inevitably strengthen the community and encourage more participation.

Given the above, what’s the core team’s thoughts on incentivizing LPs on MMs like uni/sushi?

I have no horse in this race, just wondering where yall stand.


Not only we do not have an opinion, we really believe that most of the community knows more than us on this matter.
I do not have a deep knowledge about the pool2 and yecrv models that were proposed.

The protocol is designed to be controlled by the community, and for us it is great if the community will take care of these things.


I think that we need some liquidity maybe for purpose of external valuation and opportunities for non-protocol users to be exposed to protocol success, but I agree with you.
For me at first it seemed like a good idea, but after reading Kyber DMM litepaper and considering the Uniswap v3 features my opinion is the LP rewards is unnecessary for protocol. New AMM models are trying to replace farming with higher capital utilization features.
More value can be capture if we redirect that amount of BPRO distribution (1/4 from reservoir?) in “DAO liquidator pool” for example. In that case value can be also captured from external liquidations?