Dashboard Adding Metrics Thread

Hey All B.Protocol members here,
This is Brian, a DeFi analyst from footprint analysis

After online discussions with community moderator EitanK , we would like to raise a thread to collect ideas from all of dashboard users, specifically all community members who would like to learn more about project itself and learn what benefits can get from protocols.

Here is our first draft dashboard for B.Protocol : B-protocol Data Dashboard

We would greatly want to know each of members’ requirements for dashboard: what indicators/metrics should be added? what other aspects you care most? Just Feel free to discuss!

Here is the Picture of Dashboard:
B (3).protocol Dashboard|394x500

My Discord ID: MoneyBrian#7532 , Feel free to talk


Good stuff! Just going to throw some unfiltered ideas out there.

  • Separate areas in TVL for v1/v2
  • Amount of BPRO delegated (separate for self vs other. I’m guessing pretty flat right now though)
  • Some measure of floating supply of BPRO (currently none issued. Perhaps split in floating, reservoir, dev.fund)
  • v1:
    • Collateral ratio of positions (how risky are they?)
    • Amount liquidated

There’s probably plenty, and I’ll add if I come up with more. Limited by imagination :slight_smile: