FAQ/ELI5 writeup

I’m starting this to gather sources, but also get some input.

I’m doing the subreddit /r/bprotocol and trying to keep it up to date on current events as I become aware (mostly Discord). In doing so, I was thinking of doing a sticky post as a sort of “Welcome” and “What is it?”. I think this would be good for the subreddit, but perhaps something that is also needed in the community otherwise.

I’m looking for input on good ELI5-content that already exists, to utilize in a writeup, but also input on what to put in a “Welcome” post. Currently I’m thinking:

  • “What is it?”
  • “What does it do?”
  • “How does it work?” (good luck getting this ELI5?)
  • Probably something on v1 vs v2
  • Links to good/official sources
  • Maybe some formal information on contracts/addresses of interest

I’ll have to add as a fair warning that unfortunately I don’t have the deep technical knowledge of the protocol, which might aid me in writing ELI5, but I’ll probably have a hard time describing details, of needed.

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Sorry for the late reply but this post somehow got skipped (read it when it was posted, thought to reply, something came up and… gone…).

ICYMI - this is a whiteboard animation we created a few months back trying to explain liquidations in a simple way. Not sure how ELI5 it came out but I think it’s fairly ok -

(there’s also 2 shorter videos that combine this longer video together on the B.Protocol youtube channel - B.Protocol - YouTube)

And in many ways I personally think that David Hoffman from Bankless is doing a great job in simplifying B.Protocol’s concepts and technicalities into “simple” (or at least simpler) DeFi know-hows in this interview -

If there are any more specific sources you are looking for let me know.
And maybe you can also introduce yourself on the Growth Squad topic to join the first Squad [Forming B.Protocol DAO's Growth Squad]

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