Forming B.Protocol DAO's Growth Squad


As part of the ongoing efforts to decentralize the operations of B.Protocol, and as it becomes the standard in many DeFi projects, we propose to form Squads that will gradually take full responsibility over the project. The first Squad we propose to form is the Growth/Marketing Squad.

I will detail below the scope of this Squad as I see it and invite the community to discuss and suggest more ideas regarding every part of this proposal before we bring it up for a vote.

Full disclosure is in place - since the launch of B.Protocol, and during a few months earlier to it, the writer of this post is heading the ecosystem development of B.Protoocl which includes among other things also the marketing and growth of the project.


The Growth Squad will be in charge of growing 2 main KPIs of the project -

  1. Growing the number of users of B.Protocol (V1 at this stage).
  2. Growing the number of $BPRO holders and governance participation.

Here is an initial, high-level proposal of how each of these KPIs can be achieved. The Squad members would need to propose a more detailed roadmap and objectives-based plan to achieve it.

Number of Users

  1. Run social media campaigns which are focused on current users of MakerDAO and Compound.
  2. Use the existing communication channels of each platform with its users (Discord, Forum, Blogs, etc).
  3. Working with DeFi influencers to “vouch” for B.Protocol as a legit and beneficial project.
  4. Building connections with other DeFi communities via AMAs, joint campaigns, etc to present B.Protocol to their users.

Number of token holders

  1. Promoting B.Protocol on relevant YouTube and other social media channels.
  2. Creating the right incentives for token holders.
  3. Growing the interest in B.Protocol governance via relevant proposals.

Squad members

I propose that current involved DAO members, as well as new community members, who would like to join the Growth Squad should introduce themselves to the community in this forum thread, including their relevant resume, interest in the project, as well as any other ideas they might have to grow B.Protocol.

The Growth Squad should be formed with 3-5 community members and will be granted an initial fund, taken from the DAO’s Reservoir, to fulfill it’s plans.

Timelines to present the Growth Squad detailed roadmap and quantified KPIs should be part of the final proposal that will go up for the community vote that will approve the Squad’s funds, and I suggest an initial plan should be presented within no more than 2 weeks and that the initial fund should be small to test case the Squad operations.

It is proposed that during the first phase, the members of the Squad will NOT be granted any payments or other incentives to participate in the squad, to prevent free riders etc.

Additional program suggestions to help grow B.Protocol (to be discussed separately)

Ambassador Program

I suggest an Ambassador Program should be introduced in separation from the Growth Squad, giving certain rights to members who are deeply involved with B.Protocol and who are committed to promoting it in their unique DeFi communities. Ambassadors could be chosen according to their language, location, members of other relevant DeFi projects, etc.

This should be presented in a separate post.

Influencers Growth Hacking Committee

The community should consider rewarding relevant DeFi and Crypto influencers who are committed to B.Protocol for the long run, and that will guide the Growth Squad and other Squads that will follow on best practices, introduction to other projects and the likes.

The scope of such a Committee and its formation should be presented and discussed in a separate post as well.

Comments and suggestions on the concept of Squads in general, as well as for this specific proposal for the Growth Squad are more than welcome.


Wasn’t sure if the resume needed to be extremely formal or just an informal indication of your level of knowledge/participation in crypto and related skills so I kinda did a middle ground approach. Also not sure if this can be pseudonymous or not but figured I don’t want to hide my identity :slight_smile:

Adam Hall a.k.a. A7om Smol



  • 3rd year CSE dropout turned crypto trader
  • Helped grow two early stage companies (General Contracting and Promotional Product Manufacturing) into a massive regional market share before I started trading basically full time. I still take contract work from time to time from my pasts employers. I should add I was Digital Marketing Director at the promo product supplier, so digital growth is an area I am familiar with :slight_smile:
  • I moved my entire net worth to crypto years ago and have been basically bankless for a while now.
  • I still manage TheDAO subreddit along with a couple others to this day, so you could say I’ve been around.


  • React - Beginner/Intermediate
  • Solidity - Beginner/Intermediate
  • Vyper - Beginner/Intermediate
  • Python - Intermediate
  • Rust - Intermediate
  • MeteorJS - Intermediate/Advanced
  • Solidworks - Advanced
  • AutoCAD - Advanced
  • Photoshop - Advanced


Been lurking in crypto since ~2013, recently decided to take a less lurking more hands on approach. Chose BProtocol initially because I was familiar with Yaron through some other projects he worked on and I liked the simplicity of the v1 solution. Would like to help grow the Bprotocol ecosystem in whatever ways I can.


  • NFT lottery by BPRO token vote. Participate in the vote and each token is a ticket in the raffle.
  • Maybe create another site/game that has cool applications for these NFTs and a more generic set that can be generated by depositing BPRO. The NFT can be redeemed for the same amount of BPRO at any time. The game’s BPRO pool acts as another pool for absorbing debt, and uses the profit to buy and burn random listed BPRO NFTs on the market. The pools BPRO will not vote? This idea is probably too much lol
  • Find the BPRO meme
  • Peddle the BPRO meme to the masses

I’ll add more as I think of them.


Thanks a7om,
As for your question over in Discord -
I believe this “resume” is mainly for the community to learn who are the people behind the name handles. No need to “dox” yourself if you prefer not to. I believe any skills in growth hacking/marketing should be emphasized, as well as more general experience in crypto/DeFi. Maybe where you are based, other DeFi/crypto communities you are involved with, languages that you feel comfortable to communicate with, etc.

And the NFTs ideas are cool, guess we would need to get in touch with some cool NFT artists at de point…


I know many NFT artists that would enjoy a working relationship with a growing Defi community. I think finding the artist(s) will be easy, not to mention I could help in a lot of ways I’m pretty strong in graphic design.

I want to add a few ideas:

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I would like to participate in this Growth Squad.

@ramaruro on Twitter

Experience in Crypto

  • Initially went down the crypto rabbit hole in late 2017, in a more dedicated way since June 2020. Not big into trading, more interested in holding for longer term and in cashflow/utility generating protocols.
  • Participated/ing in the Keep Protocol Community that brings Bitcoin to Ethereum in a decentralized manner. Key activities to help with adoption were (as a team of two with a friend):
    • Node Operation Guide: Keep Node Documentation
    • Outreach to other Protocols in their forums for adoption of TBTC as collateral or to promote adoption
    • Currently helping out with early launch activities for two major innovations to scale the protocol for V1.5 and V2 (which includes a merger with the NuCypher network)


  • Writing
  • Adoption of new technology (value proposition, hurdles, incentives, etc.)
  • Connecting ideas from multiple Protocols and DeFi building blocks, i.e. not seeing each protocol in isolation

I have been very close to the software industry for a long time, but I’m not versed in coding. Currently on a path to learn basics of Solidity to at least be able to read Smart Contracts, hopefully to be able to code some in the future.


  • For V1 of B.Protocol, need some stronger awareness campaigns to bring users to it. Need to reach out further to crypto news outlets and to other protocols.
  • Memes and NFT’s are an other area that need further exploration and community involvement; it seems like the natural language of the crypto community…
  • For the evolution of the protocol (V1+)
    • B.Protocol is really a solution that should target other Protocols (i.e. “Business to Business”) and should become somewhat “invisible” to end users, as Liquidations have an inherent negative connotation (i.e. nobody wants to be liquidated) but they are critical for Protocols to survive.
    • B.Protocol could introduce a solution for users looking for more leverage, which is provided by other users looking for safer returns (Potential applications for backstop DeFi primitive - #2 by ramaruro). This could generate revenue in an organic way as you would pay for the service

The following are some thoughts from Andrew and James, we’re both $BPRO holders, having acquired our tokens through investment when BPRO launched in early May.

A brief background about ourselves, we’re both British, but live in Southeast Asia. Andrew co-founded a digital agency in Malaysia, growing it to one of the largest in the country, then selling it to a major global ad group. He has worked with many different brands across many industries within the digital space. James has been the director of marketing for several online platforms, focusing on digital first businesses, created by the Catcha group, based out of Asia.

We have outlined the main points of our proposal that we would like to share for consideration by the community,based on the 2 KPIs from Etian. To successfully deploy this proposal we are suggesting 30% of the current DAO budget go toward the Marketing Squad initiatives.

(NB - we hope we can collaborate with other members on this - a70m and ramaruro here has some great ideas using NFTs, and we would definitely need some strong creatives to effectively communicate B.Protocol’s message to the market):

The current missed opportunity:

We want users to see the potential value in B Protocol and the benefit we all can share in its use. Some retroactive numbers using historical data or future growth projections would give a tangible number for new users to easily understand, e.g.

Total liquidation profit that went to liquidators from April 2019 - April 2021 (just for Compound and MakerDAO) =

USD 26.24 million for compound + USD 16.21 million for Maker DAO = Total USD 42.45 million

If users of COMP and MakerDAO deposited via BPRO, an estimated USD 8.49 million would have been available in the jar to B.Protocol users.

  1. Addressing KPI 1: User acquisition

We suggest to break this down into several workflows, some of which can run concurrently:

  1. Firstly we want to ensure the user journey of a potential B.Protocol new user is as efficient as possible. So initially we should address any potential bottlenecks or where additional content can be added to direct behaviour…

This should be done as a priority before any extensive paid marketing push is initiated, to ensure there is minimal wastage of paid budgets.

  1. We need to communicate to our target audience, namely MakerDAO and Compound users directly or indirectly

  2. Identify and engage top active accounts in comp/Maker distribution channels e.g. telegram, discord etc

  3. Achieve any form of pixel tracking data on Comp/Maker platforms (currently neither have any, so potentially we could negotiate temporary usage for driving additional traffic to their site?) - Could this potentially be added to BPRO buttons on their sites?

  4. Confirm available targeting of Comp/Maker users via paid advertising platforms (e.g. twitter, Telegram followers etc)

  5. We then begin a phased process of building: Awareness & trust, then education and finally driving conversion.

The type of creative requirements and content will be different for each of these phases. To achieve this we suggest to deploy a range of marketing activities:

  1. Paid (sponsored or circulated) & organic/social content articles around the key different education areas around lending, MEV, and the USPs of B.Protocol (we will go into these areas in more detail in the actual proposal)

  2. SEO - Organic amplification of (and supporting paid & organic content articles in (i)) for priority keywords.

  3. Partnership collaboration: Content marketing agreements with Compound & Maker Dao for circulation of co-branded creative or content tailored specifically for their users

  4. 3rd Party Research - Engage trusted 3rd party experts to perform analysis on B.Protocol liquidation efficiency improvement/protection (to be circulated by both B.Protocol & key partner accounts)

  5. Influencer marketing - Identify key influencers in the lending space, known within the Comp/Maker communities as well as independent defi researchers, e.g. Hasu, influencers who have run previous content for Comp/Maker - However ensure content is either co-created or pre-approved

  6. Paid advertising - Native ads on selected Crypto sites (need to confirm if this has to be spot buy or potential for CPC). Targeting based on user interest, plus remarketing to users who have engaged with B.Protocol assets (social, web content etc). If we are able to agree on partner marketing pixel integration, this would be a lot more powerful.

  7. Marketing creative assets - To drive all of the above we will need a wide range of consumable content and visualisations, including animations or video assets for circulation through earned and paid channels, including messenger apps and social media

  8. Addressing KPI 2: $BPRO holder retention & community participation

Firstly we think the benefit of being a $BPRO holder needs to be more clearly outlined, along with transparency (of which there is already a lot of), into the plans and direction of B.Protocol moving forward. So holders can visualise future incentives.

To improve governance participation and token retention, we want there to be a clear opportunity for users of all backgrounds to be able to participate in the community. This needs to be incentivised (not necessarily through token remuneration) and communicated clearly.

This will need to grow organically through consistent communication across official B.Protocol social channels (Twitter, Discord and Telegram). All channels will need to moderated under a clear set of guidelines, with key community members given responsibility and powers (e.g. telegram has official titles and tiered moderator rights)

Small task proposals under the scope of the Marketing Squad can be issued for anyone to sign up to and pick up responsibility for, contribute and get recognised for doing so.

There also needs to be core communication guidelines from the Marketing Squad, with baseline narratives, that community participants can work with and adapt for organic circulation.


We’ve approached the above proposal how we would approach similar objectives for none crypto based clients. Obviously there would be some nuances between the crypto world and more general consumer finance, however we believe the concepts and fundamental approaches are similar.

We also want the above to be an open conversation, as we both want to add our experience to the community, but realise there is a lot for us to learn, especially when it comes to the project itself and the technical details that need to be communicated.

Looking forward to furthering the discussion.

Andrew & James.


I’ll dive in here to introduce myself, and maybe I’ll be able to help in the protocols growth. Here goes.

I’m /u/TragedyStruck on Reddit, as well as TragedyStruck on Discord.


  • Software developer by profession, but not in blockchain.
  • In crypto since 2017, on and off. Especially Ethereum ecosystem and have actively been using/trying quite a few protocols, mostly because I like to get a feel for how it works and what the tech is all about.
  • Personally I think I’m a factual person, that is curious and doesn’t mind asking stupid questions (some of this tech is really hard).


I’m a dev and interested in tech, so I’m able to assist in development efforts.

I have some network connections in “traditional online advertising” which might be useful such channels of promotion are of interest.


  • NFTs are pretty cool, and personally I’m a fan of the POAP community. I’d love to look into ways to perhaps connect to this community, and utilize POAP NFTs.
  • I enjoy the Reddit format and I’d love to grow the Reddit presence. One way I’m thinking is by better exposing B.Protocol to other relevant subreddits. Also I’m looking into doing a “ELI5” thing that might be useful in other channels.
  • I’m been thinking about doing some YouTube-type content like “B.Protocol by example”, to showcase the ease of use.
  • I think memes are always gonna be a good avenue, which might get a lot of attention. That might be competitions, or just finding some “B.Protocol”-theme.

Thanks for you time and in any case I’ll be keeping the B.Protocol subreddit up to pace on recent events :slight_smile:


I’ve updated this to be a bit more formalized presentation of a potential avenue of growth. It is mostly at the idea stage, and if someone backs it or wants to run with it that’d be great!

NFTs through POAP


Proof of attendance protocol (POAP) “enables a new way of keeping long-lasting records of life experiences. A POAP is a digital collectible created as a NFT”.

Project website:

They are a growing actor in the NFT space, with a smooth interface for claiming NFTs for events and running raffles based on collected POAPs.

Idea: Snapshot integration

Snapshot, which is the main “end user” way of interacting with voting on B.Protocol, has a plugin for integrating POAP: How to set up POAP Snapshot plugin.

If we were to do such an integration, e.g. by minting a “B.Protocol governance voter” for signing a vote for a proposal, I see the following pros and cons.


  • Give an NFT to governance participants, which might get people more involved.
  • The POAP ecosystem easily integrates with raffles which can then be done targeting those who voted and got the NFT. Here we could announce a raffle prior to the event with BPRO prizes for the winners.
  • Low cost. Essentially the basic usage is free, but requires some setup to get going.
  • Tap into another protocols community.


  • Sybil resistance. While the NFT itself has no specific value, if there is a raffle, it may have value, and sybil resistance can be relevant. Such raffles should then have low enough value to make the gas costs of gaming the system ineffective.
  • It does not hit the target audience specifically. It may appeal to NFT collectors and the POAP community, but to little degree hits lending platforms.

Alternative idea: Retroactive distribution

To present an alternative without integration, there is also the case of a retroactive POAP distribution based on who voted. To my (limited) knowledge this can be done using a merkle tree and then claimed by the relevant addresses. Once distributed the pros and cons should be the same, and raffles are still on the table. This approach will better fit with a one time distribution, due to the work required.


POAP is a great project and alternative idea (retroactive distribution) make sense because DAO/community have better control over process.
What do you think, can we avoid sybil if we setup additional requirements (something like Graph)?


I think this can be a perfect match for the Growth Squad that is being formed, and the raffle prizes can come from its proposed fund which I hope the community will pass in a vote shortly.