General backstop pool using $BPRO (staking)

we can do an internal liquidation pool that provides funds to all backstop integrations
on all lending platforms,
dividing the risk between them.
the user provides liquidity on Uniswap BPRO-DAI (or FEI, LUSD) liquidity pool gets an LP token
deposit it on the general backstop pool (maybe with a time lock)

we as a community get:

  • better liquidity on $BPRO
  • liquidation profits on the “staked” BPRO
  • incentivizing long-term holders
  • giving the token a utility because the only way to gain from liquidations is by depositing a BPRO-DAI-LP token
  • pushing the token value up
  • if the market becomes unstable meaning more liquidations The Tokens goes even higher

this mechanism could allow us to give BPRO holders a better incentive to hold it (excluding pumpers & dumpers)
and create a self-reinforcing loop that the $BPRO value feeds back to the backstops
bigger backstops more gains → $BPRO value goes up → more capital for liquidations →
more lending integrations → more liquidations → more gains → $BPRO value goes up → and so on