Gift Handshake TLD to Bprotocol community

Hi, I want to gift two Handshake TLDs to the Bprotocol community - “.BPROTOCOL” and “.BPRO”.

Handshake is a decentralized naming protocol for allocating ownership rights to Top Level Domains (TLD), such as a .com or a .org, which one can use for websites, email addresses, or crypto addresses. Handshake users can purchase the rights to a TLD through an auction system, where participants submit bids in the form of HNS tokens. The winning bidder then registers the TLD under their cryptographic keys by entering the pair into Handshake’s PoW blockchain, which acts as a distributed alternative to Certificate Authorities (CAs).

The Handshake blockchain seeks to be compatible with the current centralized DNS system but to function in a decentralized, permissionless and censorship resistant manner.
Unlike similar projects in crypto space (unstoppable domains, ENS …) Handshake focused on the decentralization of the DNS root zone, so that a person or community is the sole owner of the TLD. This means that the TLD is not rented and does not need to be renewed domain every year as is the case with the SLD.

For TLDR, at the end of the post I will leave useful links about Handshake.
What are the benefits of Bprotocol from these TLD names?

  1. Digital presentation and recognition of protocol on social networks, forums, content platforms, etc.
  2. Connecting with dweb projects like Handshake and Sia that have a pretty strong community.
  3. Increasing awareness of Bprotocol in the target market - among “decentralized internet” users.
  4. Use of SLD, dlinks and other features within the Bprotocol community (i.e. user.bprotocol, user.bpro). I think it can only connect and strengthen the community more

what can Bprotocol lose? Nothing (if I am wrong feel free to correct me).

This can only have a positive effect on marketing and better connectivity and coordination within the community.

It is only necessary to create an account on the Namebase exchange in order to transfer TLD assets (via the email with which the account was created).
Since this is a gift to the community, should the Namebase account be multi-sig controlled? In my opinion, it is not a problem if the account is owned by the founder or tmarketing team.

What community think about that?

Resources about Handshake and protocol ecosystem:


Thank you!

How would multisig (or governance) control be technically implemented for an Ethereum DAO and a Handshake asset?

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That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out, though it shouldn’t be complicated. For example, how did Sushiswap get a gift SLD? .com TLD is owned by someone (centralized) so I think there is a way for the Namebase account to be owned by the community as well.
So far, I’ve only found this article:
What Is Cross-Network Handshake (XNHNS) ? - Titans Of Data
I will ask Handshake community for advice


I’m pretty sure that, although and are officially owned by their governance, it is a trusted setup with some core dev handling the actual account with registrar.

XNHNS sounds amazing. However, I did not spot a clear confirmation that it supports irrevocable on-chain ownership transfer of Handshake domain to Ethereum smart contract. Hopefully, Handshake people have an answer.