Growing the community - Introduce yourself

Hi all, I thought this might be a way to get the community going, I hope no-one minds.

My name is Neal, I live in Sydney Australia with my partner Danielle and our nine-year-old son, Harry. I’m a computer programmer and writer, working on my second book.

I want to share the moment when I first went ‘down the rabbit hole’ which took place on Valentines day according to my Youtube history, so appropriate given I’ve not only gone head over heels but have remained faithful ever since :blush:

I was dabbling in the stock market (ie breaking even) and kept hearing about Bitcoin so I went to Youtube and I found this: The rise and Rise of Bitcoin and found it absolutely mind-blowing.

From the two pizzas for 10,000 BTC; the brilliant yet enigmatic Satoshi Nakomoto who has remained anonymous to this day (how can this be!); the incredible simplicity of his genius idea; the staggering rise in Bitcoin’s value; how blockchain technology can change everything, especially for the world’s poorest people.

I felt so dumb, like I had been living under a rock. I felt so silly that I had not discovered it earlier, when Bitcoin was $1 or $10 or $100 or even a thousand dollars!

Either way, I was hooked. I started looking around crypto with ever-increasing wonder and found all kinds of amazing coins (don’t get me started …).

I was like a child let loose in the greatest toy store imaginable and it was only a matter of time before I stumbled upon Defi ‘the computer gaming / virtual reality’ section of the toy store, if you ask me. I find Defi so fascinating that I want to write about it, develop Dapps in solidity, get involved in governance, I come up with new ideas every day.

Danielle says I’m becoming a crypto bore but Harry is more enthusiastic – he can name at least twenty crypto coins, he advises me to ‘hodl’ whenever the market slips and I’m proud to say that he now has a cat in Minecraft called Vitalik! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anyway, hello from us (currently in covid lockdown) from Sydney, Down Under.

Feel free to introduce yourself because that is how a community grows and if you want to share your own ‘rabbit hole’ story, you’ll get a guaranteed like from me. Cheers.


Hi, I will introduce myself in few short lines

My name is Marin with usernames on SM and community forums:
@dabar_90 on Twitter
dabar90 on Discord and community forums
@ant55 on Reddit

About me in short timeline

  • Economist by profession and also have working experience in digital marketing, graphic desing and webdesign
  • Running GPU mining farm since mid-2018
  • Involved in DeFi sector from end-2018 due to the need to expand mining businesses (without having to sell Ethereum)
  • I was running nodes for few projects (currently only for Presearch)
  • I am using DeFi protocols and tools on Ethereum (lately less), Arbitrum, Diversifi, ZKsync and EVM compatible chains Polygon, BSC and xDAI.
  • I am most interested in the economic design of decentralized systems / DAO (initial distribution, tokeneconomics, incentives mechanism, resources management …)
  • I try to discover, research and learn as much as possible about different web3 tech alternatives which are in the domain of my online activity

I started using Bprotocol after a Compound oracle solution error and improperly performed liquidations. I found out about the protocol from @yaron in one of the discussions on the Compound community forum.

From my perspective Bprotocol is a “blue chip” Defi protocol that has a unique approach to solving inefficient liquidation enforcement system. I really like the current concept on which the protocol works because i think it will successfully adapt to the potential problem of liquidity fragmentation.



I’m a fan of :cucumber: and that was the angle that brought me here, to b.protocol

and the liquity LUSD jar and it’s rewards ofc

Have deposited into the pLQTY on pickle prior to learning I can deposit funds (LUSD) via pickle integration into b.protocol and align them well with what I already have. So that has been the honey for me as fly :sweat_smile:

I work in account management with an academic background in e-commerce and marketing, with my interest in DeFi having been sparked early this year. (I realize, I am somewhat ‘late’ to the party)

I’ve been following crypto since 2015, but my interest got reignited really in late 2020 again - after loosing interest early/mid 2018 somewhat.

Overall, had I accumulated over the past two years, I’d be well off by now - instead, I am on the lookout for “new things” that open up a passive income stream - so I figured I could educate myself in NFT’s and their financial ramifications a bit.

Very very interesting stuff. I will dive more into b.protocol, as I have a broad overview, yes, but like to learn what I can to make myself more mature in decision making (within this vast space that is DeFi).

Glad to be here :sunglasses:


Both of you know far more than I, so tell me, is this Bprotocol in a nutshell ?

I suppose. When listening to it, it is a bit hard to discern who’s it actually for… is it tailored to protocol developers/platforms, is it suited to institutional investors or retail investors?

Maybe all of them, “Be Protocol” I guess is the imperative :slight_smile:

I think backstops to liquidations in DeFi is no simple topic to cover without the user putting in at least some sort of effort into reading about it besides watching some YT videos.

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