Growth Squad Brainstorming

Growth Squad Ideas

I decided that there needs to be a unifying post for the growth squad idea generation process at first, so this is that thread. Any current members or people interested in becoming a member simply post your suggestion here for discussion. You can certainly make your own post if this gets overly crowded :slight_smile:

A few ideas I had recently:

  • I have been thinking about jamesb989’s post and the initial section: “Firstly we want to ensure the user journey of a potential B.Protocol new user is as efficient as possible. So initially we should address any potential bottlenecks or where additional content can be added to direct behaviour…” With mobile support pushed, zapper integration, and some UI improvements I’ve noticed I think we have addressed most bottlenecks. Is there anything else that the squad can think of that needs to be completed before we push hard? Zerion? Their interface needs a lot of work for BPRO.

  • I am a semi-regular lurker of /r/ethtrader and their sub has a banner that can be rented out for about $3600 in donuts (the sub’s token, for those unaware). I propose at some point in the near future we use some funds to purchase the banner for 14 days. Other projects have done this in the past with mixed results from my understanding, but overall any attention is good attention. I also think that a broader push on Reddit is needed, especially around the sub.

  • I also have been doing a little quiet work on twitter for the project including gifting teen_executive about $150 in BPRO for exposure. The kid, as well as his account’s holdings are getting a lot of attention.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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I would suggest keeping the discussions and ideas on the Growth Squad in one place, as there are already a few suggestions for concrete steps to be taken by the Squad in this thread -

Ok, my apologies once again.

I just figured after you announced the formation of the original squad in the discord I thought we should start a brainstorming post for more ideas going forward. I will stick to that thread with any future ideas. We can stick with the ideas that @jamesb989 posted before they left.

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