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Uncharted Group belongs in the category of the world’s most specialized marketing agencies that deal with blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing companies/ campaigns.
We are an agency trusted by Huobi, MetaMask, KuCoin, OKEX, Yahoo Finance and many more.

We are a non-anonymous marketing agency, you can find our linkedins on our website: About Us |

At Uncharted Group we always create a tailored-made campaign for our clients, service examples may include:

Full DeFi preparation
o We provide a full turn-key solution for DeFi project start. (Audit optional)
o We create the full turn-key solution from the essentials for your successful STO/ICO/IEO launch.
Marketing influencers (All tiers possible)
o YouTube/Twitter influencers from all tiers.
Growth Hacking packaged (Reddit(Top crypto-related subreddits), 4chan, Bitcointalk, Quora and many more.
o Engaging hot/trending topics about your project.
Search engine optimization (keyword research for target audience, engaging content)
o Technical, Internal and External optimization to receive much more engagement.
Social media management (tailored made social media strategy, including gfx from our end)
o Receive our professional guidance to create much more engaging content across social media platforms.
Community management (24/7 Telegram/Discord management - 3 shifts of 8.5h)
o Add 3 professional moderators to your channel to create a much more mature group.
Top media PR (Please inquire for more info)
o PR articles on tier1 websites such as: Yahoo, Bloomberg and many more.
o PR articles for other websites (Packages on our website on the worldwidepr page)
Other crypto-related services: (DexTools trending/banner, Instagram/Facebook ad banners, Twitter ad-banners, BSCScan/Etherscan ad-banners, Reddit and 4chan ad banners.

At Uncharted Group we never offer one particular service package as other agencies, we try to get in touch with our client to receive a higher level of the project’s structure and understanding, hence we always create a package based on our clients’ wishes.

We are vouched by crypto influencers such as BitBoy Crypto, CoinBureau, AltCoinDaily, TheCryptoLark and many more.
Please check our website for other testimonials, reviews and case studies to see what similar effects we might be able to receive with your project and our help.

If you would be interested or consider any of our services, please head over to our website: and our twitter:

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