My Proposal for B.Protocol Liquidity NFT

I’ve put some things down about the adoption of liquidation NFT by B.Protocol, providing details (according to my own perspective) how the whole architecture should run.

There has been a lot for debate as to the direction to follow on this topic, reading all the previous comments, and topics for discussion, I’ve drafted some sort of a proposal defining the concept, categories, liquidity etc of “The Liquidation NFT” by B.Prptocol.
Here’s the full read.

It’s just a suggestive way to follow and is open to critics, scrutiny and re commendation as the case may be.


Hey @SolexJ1000 !

Have you looked over (and worked in) my comments on your initial draft of this proposal?

i.e. regarding the lifespan of the NFTs, which I’d scrap since it kills trading on secondary markets effectively