Refining and Improving Marketing

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Starting a forum on how to a) create a clear value proposition for ecosystem stakeholder b) optimise messaging c) look at comms touchpoints per the Discord chat.

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Very important topic for protocol. Value proposition for potential users it is currently the most needed feature. Except BPRO distibution reward and avoidance of MEV problems, how does the protocol create added value for the user?
Can you explain me B and C?

Probably need someone from the team. I think we should a) break down the ecosystem b) look at their needs c) synthesise a simple value proposition.

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Sorry, b) is how we communicate the VP simply c) is how do translate this on, for example, the website or social.

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why? I think most community members have a reason why they use Bprotocol which means they have probably read the documentation, whitepaper, medium articles etc. I would like all users (community members) to participate in this and share their opinions and reasons why they use Bprotocol.

how simply? as a feature list?

No, as a statement e.g. “Bprotocol, you win when the market is up or down because of a, b, c reason”. This is an example only, but we need to simplify the benefits, not only for users but token holders I think.

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One major focus should be on clearly communicating the benefits of being a user of B.Protocol.

What are the tangible benefits of participating in the backstop? Minimizing MEV and eliminating gas wars are both great features, but we need to quantify it more directly: How much less will it hurt if I do get liquidated? For the purposes of marketing, I would argue it doesn’t even need to be a huge number in order to be effective.

When calculating the “savings” you get from the backstop, I consider every cycle I don’t get liquidated as contributing to my personal jar. Obviously, this amount will change based on the number of liquidations that occur and the number of other participants in the backstop. On the day I finally do get liquidated, I will get some of my own liquidated assets back from the jar, but I should combine that amount with all my previous days of jar share to calculate the amount I saved by being a user of B.Protocol. The most effective way I think this can be communicated would be a chart that illustrates the total savings after 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year.

The BPRO and/or COMP you get should be left out of this calculation, but communicated as additional value on top of the backstop jars.

  1. It is almost impossible to calculate MEV costs, and given how Bprotocol approaches the MEV problem (a “cushion / buffer” is provided before liquidation) I think it should be noted that users are 100% protected from MEV impact if they migrate under the bprotocol

  2. By migrating under the B protocol, the user in a way becomes a liquidator, although of course he does not run liquidations directly. Personally, when I explain the B protocol to someone (ELI5), I present the project as a "Liquidator’s Club" with skin in the game.
    Given the mentioned amounts of liquidation at the recent dump(in $ denomination), who does not want to be a liquidator?
    Let someone correct me if I’m wrong, but JAR makes us all liquidators in some way.

  3. Dual farming (COMP + BPRO) is a clear thing

  4. It is also important that by migrating under the B protocol, user has full control over their funds. It is currently a rug-pull trend and it is necessary to distance project from such things. An example is just a recent mistake on the Coin Gecko site, and people on discord immediately started mentioning a rug pull.

  5. The team behind the project is transparent and accessible to users, which is very important in the crypto space.

  6. Bprotocol has a high degree decentralization structure compared to other DeFi projects. As far as I understand BPRO tokens owned by the founders are locked and have no impact on governance (for now).

agree, BPRO token value logically need to be in inverse correlation with crypto market on dump events, but this is not case (yet). What are you think on promoting BPRO token as crypto asset for better portfolio risk management? Maybe as a substitution for part of the stablecoin position, because in “bull case” the value of the protocol increases with leverage and TVL while in the “bear case” the JAR is filled due to numerous liquidations. The BPRO token should reflect the value of the protocol, and with market rise or fall protocol accrue value.

This is a super compelling story if told well. If it can be distilled in a couple of lines as the value proposition on the websit?

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As we are trying to get some more insights on how to get better engaged with B.Protocol community and its potential users - please fill up this form to give us more indications.

If you have any other suggestions - please add them here in the thread or in the form itself.


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