Zapper Integration of BPRO Vaults , UNI/SUSHI LP

I am proposing an idea for zapper integration of BPRO Vaults & UNI/SUSHI LP

As we all know Zapper is an easy gateway to DeFI and a lot of individual/institutions use Zapper for managing assets across multiple DeFI projects.

How this will help?

  1. Exposure to existing users of their platform. Since COMP is also integrated with zapper, it can give an easy migration option.
  2. One Click addition/removal of liquidity on DEXs with lower gas fees.
  3. Zapper currently supports 4 chains Ethereum , BSC , Fantom & Polygon and this would only help us in the event we want to add support for other chains.

What support would be needed from team in case we go ahead with the integration?

  1. We will have to open a request on Zapper with the details and community will have to upvote it. If the BPRO team can manage to get in touch with the zapper team than I believe things should move faster. Having close to 200mn TVL in vaults and 1.5mn in DEX liquidity, is an advantage and I believe with some push integrations can be faster.

  2. If possible on BPRO page we could have a button for zapper. On clicking this user will be redirected to zapper page and add/remove liquidity from zapper website if needed. This feature is also present on Yearn webpage.

Thoughts are welcome in comments!!!
Adding a poll to gauge community interest so that it becomes easier for gauging interest.

Do you want a zapper integration?

  • Yes
  • No

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As I mentioned on Discord - the team is already in touch with the Zapper team as they have already integrated B.Protocol-Maker integration. We have asked them to add the B-Compound integration before and we know it is on their to-do list.

Unfortunately, they still don’t have any ETA on this, but promised to update once they start.

Let’s try and keep vigilant on this and get in touch with them again in 2-3 weeks to check for progress.

Any more integrations like this, mainly ones that the community can push forward, will make a great impact IMO. The team, though well connected, has limited resources and anyway the community is the driving force of this project - lets leverage its power and grow B.Protocol.

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